Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Finished at last

Finished at last, well nearly. The problem is that everytime I think he is finished I think of something else to add. I will tweak and refine a few bits and pieces over the next few weeks then move to phase two which is the retracting center leg and dome projector.
I am really pleased with the lighting and motor systems. The sound system gives him a life of his own and he certain has a presence sat in the corner of the room. I will add a few videos to Youtube over the next few days so you can see the power systems working.
The final computer spec is not massively high as it was parts I had left over form other mods I have done, however with the main computer unit being easy to axcess I can upgrade any part of the system very easily as I wish when funds allow. In total the whole build has come in under £100 which is not bad considering it would be very easy to spend a great deal of money on something like this. Much of the parts, wood, card, nuts and bolts were picked up very cheap or for free. Things like the radio system and computer parts I already had so I have not included them in the cost.The most expensive part was the dome from ebay which cost £30, but is was worth every penny. In terms of construction hours I have probably now spent at least 100hrs building. I did complete it faster than I thought but I did have a two week holiday where I worked on it most days.
Final spec:
MDF body
Body skin 3mm hardboard
Body detailing 1 and 2mm cardboard
Low cost acrylic and emulsion paint.
Legs MDF
Feet 3mm Harboard covering with MDF construction underneath
Shower hose pipe for power leads to battery box
Large casters under each foot.
Dome 18" plexi glass mirror dome
Lots of computer parts
Illunimated case fans and cold cathodes
Computer main board Intel P4, 256 Nvidia Graphics, 2gig RAM, 500W Power supply.
5" VGA monitor, free of free cycle, case was damaged
Dome power, cordless screwdriver form Argo £5
Sanwa 6ch Radio system.
Sound system speakers, old broken pc powered speaker from free cycle.
Motion sensors, out of broken childrens toys, all from Oxfam.
LED christmas tree lights.

Phase 2

1. Remove the skirt and make a more authentic one that the battery boxes can clear when the unit stands upright.
2. Either design dome or create another dome with the projector fitted, not sure yet, I may even make another Astromech head R6
3. Alter the should mountings so they pivot.
4. Remake the center foot so it slides backwards with the ankle sliding down into the foot. I have check the clearance again when the unit is standing upright and this system would just about work.
5. I am thinking of a new paint scheme, not sure what as yet.
6. I have already started producing detailed plans to make my replica and I will start on the legs very soon. I am thinking of making an R9.

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