Sunday, 17 January 2010

R6: I wish I had a work bench.

It would be really nice to be able to cut a circle without so much stress.Having bench based saws and drills would make all this cutting just so much easier. Most of the parts are now cut for the legs and I have routed a very, very rough channel in the back of the main 25mm piece to house the wires for the leg motors. The under shoulder details will be added at a later date. Normally there is a cutout here to accomadate the detailing but I am going to try another idea I have for this, also makes the leg construction faster and easier.
The center leg is also being made as I construct the main legs, seems to make sense to do this. I have made the center slightly longer becasue as yet I have not decided how to mount the center leg to make sure there will be enough ground clearance when the R6 moves form an angled position to upright. When moving to two leg mode the weight needs to stay on the main legs, I dont want the center foot to lift the others up as it moves under the droid. My two leg mode will still involve three legs on the ground. The center foot will be directly under the skirt and the droind upright. I will call this projection mode.
I have no plans to make the center leg retract, it would be a great idea but I dont think I have the tooling and mechanical knowledge to achieve this.

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